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Maintaining an impeccable track record of supplying the finest quality Sodium Benzoate, Acetic Acid, etc., since 1994.
About Us

With hard work and persistent efforts, we have made our company Kani Overseas Corporation a success in the Indian market, therefore etching indelible marks as a specialized supplier and manufacturer of Acetic Acid, Organic Acid and Industrial Chemical. Our unique ability to formulate variety of acids and chemicals at low cost have helped us build a solid network of associates across the domestic market. We are also looking for unearthing new opportunities of product export in coming times.

Our clients appreciate our dedication of going above and beyond to meet their needs and all applicable standards of the chemical processing industry. In our pursuit of client satisfaction through quality products, we do not forget to take care of our own team. We have expert product processing personnel, chemical testing experts and other professionals who all are guided by our visionary Owner, Mr. Milind Ghadge. He keeps a keen eye on their working comfort to ensure they feel motivated to deliver a quality guaranteed range that not only meets but surpasses the expectations of our Indian buyers. Banking on the support of our mentor and our client centric team, we also manage efficient warehousing and quote the most competitive rates on our entire range of Speciality Chemicals and Acetic Acid.

Our Mission

Since 1994, we have been led by our mission of maintaining a winning edge in the Indian market as a reputable seller of low cost and qualitative products. We have all the market information needed to bolster our practices and take our business to the next level.

Why Choose Us?

Many factors have helped us blaze our way to the top of the domain, such as:

  • We have always believed in scaling heights through continuous improvement. Regardless of the fact that we have already achieved many milestones, we do not lose sight of our goals to emerge as the best in the field in future.
  • We understand the current market and create products like Acetic Acid, Organic Acid and Industrial Chemical to meet the latest needs.
  • No order is too small for us and we dispatch even the smallest of orders with the same sense of urgency as our larger orders.
  • One of our main focuses is keeping our rates as marginal as possible so that we remain the most preferable seller in the field where we work.
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